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Mental Health Blog by Ryan S.

Living life with a mental illness, however I get out of bed every morning and fight; I may not win every day, but I fight. I love helping others who battle mental illness along with family and friends who struggle to comprehend mental illness. I enjoy speaking to one or thousands of people using my own unique speaking method that provides an easy to understand look at mental health along with a bit of fun.

Those Days

We all have those days. Days where we have no energy, sadness provides us with a heavy heart, anxiety joins the party and depression, well depression can tear us apart at the seams. When living with a mental illness those days can seem like spending weeks in hell; all that comes in one relentless package of hopelessness. There have been plenty of those days where I have begged and prayed for the state of depression and anxiety to pass. Some days I’ve even had suicidal thoughts, I know many of us have.

So what do we do on those days? Some of us will just lie in bed, only getting up to use the bathroom or maybe to get a drink. Others may just sit and stare at the television, having no clue to what we’ve watched; this happens to be my favorite. Basically, we’re on cruise control and some of us may be in zombie mode; sound familiar.

Those days can seem like an extra twelve hours have been added. And no matter if it’s sunny and clear, you can be sure the weather report for those days, contains dark clouds and a nasty storm. That nasty storm will attempt to choke us with negative and depressive thoughts, squeezing us until we submit. A large percentage of us will not give in. But why don’t we?

Let’s face it. Coping skills and the tools we’ve learned over the years to help us for these exact times, sometimes just don’t seem to help on those days. So what gets us through those days? I had to think about the answer for a while, and then realized the answer was quite simple. Many of us don’t realize we have these two attributes or tend to think they have very little of them. But no matter how small the amount every human possesses strength and resilience, the perfect combination for those days.

Always remember that when you want to give in, dig just a little deeper and that strength will help you through. From the time when we were small children to our first breakup with a girlfriend or boyfriend, our resilience has been there. Our resilience has carried us through all the tough times in our lives. So no matter how tough life gets. You have two friends that are going to help you fight and win the battle.

My name is Ryan, and I suffer from Bipolar Disorder along with severe depression and anxiety. I have plenty of those days, however, I am resilient, I have plenty of strength and I will never give in.

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Sunday, 05 April 2020
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